Please enter CoinGecko Free Api Key to get this plugin works. is the new big cryptocurrency scam according to complaints from many Telegram users

643 is an investment website that has been identified as a pyramid scheme or Ponzi scheme. This platform is considered the heir to the cryptocurrency scam, which operated under a similar scheme. uses deceptive tactics to manipulate people and convince them to invest money. It has been reported that they use fake profiles on the Telegram messaging application to attract potential investors. These fake profiles present false information and promise significant profits with little effort.

Telegram groups related to scammers

The ETC Cloud TLD scam has been widely reported by different media and it has been identified that is linked since the Telegram groups used to persuade investors were only changed in name to start the new scam.

Media that have reviewed the scam:

Furthermore, it has been pointed out that is linked to the Colombian and Salvadoran mafia. There are faces and names that are beginning to be familiar among those scammed, such as Rosalinda, Mat, Louis.

Apparently involved is the director of ETC Cloud LTD supposedly based in the Philippines named Ryan Collado Cruz, who painted a picture of legitimacy and prosperity. The person also has ties to the Colombian and Salvadoran mafia.

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