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As of January, we launched a new functionality: Certifier!

This is a tool that allows you to certify any document on blockchain just using a drag-drop feature, without any need for coding or blockchain expertise.

Now, additional functions are added to the Certifier. From the first version, Certifier ensures the Integrity of your data as it issues a timestamp of the given data, preventing manipulation or fraud afterward. In the new Certifier, users will be able to add Data Authenticity, Encryption, and Data Availability to the file. Let us explain further about these new features. 

  • Authenticity: The idea of this product is to sign your data through digital signature systems to prove that you are the authentic issuer of the file. 
  • Encryption: This product allows us to add an extra layer of security making the file illegible for everyone except for those who have the key to decrypt the message. 
  • Availability: This option lets you store your data, allowing you to access your file at any time. You can store your file on hosting or on IPFS. IPFS or Interplanetary File System is a decentralized filing system that seeks to guarantee security, privacy, and resistance to censorship of your data. 

How can we add those new products?

Certify your data

  •  Go to Certifier section in the management system

  • Select or drop the document you want to certify 

  • Choose how to personalize your build

The options for the building process will be displayed. The base product is Integrity, which means that if you do not select any other product in the building process your data will be certified, you will only be using the Integrity product.

However, if you want to add more security layers, you just must select the option and add the corresponding key. You will see that for the Signature you are going to be asked for a private key to sign the document. If you do not have any at hand, BLOOCK can generate one during the building process. 

If you want to encrypt your file you will be asked to add a password, which will be the key for encrypting the document and later decrypting it before validating.

The last option is to upload the image to a server so you will be able to get back the image when validating. You cannot validate a non-uploaded file so you need the image to know what you are validating, and for that, this image must be on a server. 

Once you are done with the building process you just have to click “Build” and the file will be added to the cue. On the screen, you’ll see the summary information of your build: Digital Signature, Encryption, Hosting; and most importantly, its Status

  • Finish your file certification

Once the status shows “Success” you can go to ValidProof and verify your file.

Verify your data

  • Go to ValidProof and drag your file to be verified

  • Get detailed information on your certified document

  Feel free to contact us for further information, or book a demo with BLOOCK’s CTO here in this calendar!

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